Hey! We are Sareh & Elly

We are both originally from Iran, one of the most beautiful countries with a rich culture in the world. Sareh is from Gilan, a province in the north of Iran close to Caspian see and famous for food, traditional songs and clothes, rural areas and its everyday life. Elly is from the large and old land of Kerman which is one of the oldest center of civilization. Kerman is famous for its history and strong cultural heritage.

We were classmate during our master degree in technical university but soon we found out that we have the same passion about art and fashion. We see beauty in everything and have decided to show this beauty to everyone.

We try to see beauty in everything and to show it to everyone!

Long time ago we came to The Netherlands to continue our education. We finished our education but we never forgot our dream, our dream to introduce and show the beauty of the Iranian arts to the world.

Our dream is to introduce and show the beauty of Iranian arts to the world!

To pursue our dream, we decided to open this art webshop and show you something different from our homeland. The name of our webshop, Gieleh, is also a traditional name from Gilan. Our mission is to help you to look unique and also support independent Iranian artists. Thus, we are constantly searching for exceptional and different handmade pieces that can make you unique.

our mission is to help you to be unique.
our work is all about art and heart.
"It is all about you!"

Elly & Sareh